Terminator Genisys Review

I just re-watched this movie the other night. I cam away from that viewing with very different opinion than when I watched it for the first time last year. The first time, I had been hearing many things about the movie and there was quite a bit of backlash that arose from a twist being revealed in the trailer and marketing Paramount pushed out for the film. I agreed with the backlash at the time and I still do. However, the cloud of stink hovering over the film at the time of release had dissipated in my mind, so I went in for this 2nd viewing with an open mind.

I will begin by listing all of the positive things I noticed, the ones which really stood out to me.

  1.  Ahhhh-nold (The Terminator)
  2. Great look at the time machine
  3. Recreation of old scenes was subperb
  4. Ahhhh-nold (He's back)

First off, I didn't mention a single actor other than Schwarzenegger, more on that later. Next, I have always been a huge fan of the tech in movies, especially time machines, and this was pretty nice to get a good look at the time device. It reminded me a bit of the time machine from T2-3D at Universal Studios, which is not a bad thing, that ride was great.

When Genisys retreaded a scene from 'The Terminator,' they did the recreation so well I had to put the original film on right after Genisys to compare and the only real difference was the actors were not identical. The scenes looked identical. Awesome stuff, indeed.

Lastly for the positives I listed, Arnold was the highlight of Terminator Genisys. His acting was awesome as always, and he carries the film. 

The first time I watched Genisys back when it came out on 2015, I did not like the casting choices for John Connor, Kyle Reese, or Sarah Connor. This time, I really enjoyed Kyle and Sarah, but the actor playing John Connor just didn't fit for me. He did an excellent job, but it just wasn't John, especially after what we got with Christian Bale.

The overall fun of the movie was ruined a bit because the 'rush' element is missing. The are in a rush per se, but they do not act like it. They calmly walk through the final facility, no running involved. This does not make any sense at all. All in all though, I still enjoyed the movie and would (and do) proudly display it on my bookshelf with my collection.

joshed score: 7/10